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Understanding the Impact of CBD on Your Body

Looking at the benefits offered by CBD, its demand has been continuously rising in the market. They range from vaping CBD oils to sublingual sprays, to smoking traditional joints. Depending on the method you choose, you need to select the right dosage. Most of the people are unaware of the impact of dosage in which they ingest CBD.

How does CBD impact your body?

Not all the CBD products that you intake will impact your body. Just a specific percentage of it will make its way to the systemic circulation and yield its active effects. This percentage of CBD is called as “bioavailability”.

It majorly depends on the way in which CBD gets introduced into the system. If the oral bioavailability of your CBD product is 15 percent, it implies that for every 100 mg of CBD that you consume only 15 mg of it will reach into your bloodstream.

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Why does it happen like this?

It is due to two key reasons. Firstly, CBD has a hydrophobic nature that implies that it isn’t very water-soluble. So, would not mix completely in the blood. It will quickly diffuse out of the blood and get deposited into the fatty tissues in the body.

Unluckily, this greatly reduces the total levels of bioactive CBD that can make its way into the systemic circulation. This enables less amount of CBD to get carried to the active places in the body and lowers its overall bioavailability.

Second reason is that when CBD or any other organic compound enters in your gut, then it needs to pass through the liver prior entering the circulation system of the body.

During such transition, the liver will reduce the levels of CBD, either via chemical breakdown by liver enzymes or absorption. This phenomenon is referred to as the “first-pass effect,” where it passes through the liver and lowers the absorption of bioactive compounds.

How to maximize the impact of CBD in your body?

There are two important ways by which you can counterbalance these losses of CBD levels. In the first approach, you can lower the CBD amount that dissolves out of the bloodstream. This is done by putting the CBD product into a more water-soluble or hydrophilic form.

However, one can only achieve it through complex chemical means, like using liposomes or cyclodextrins. Another solution is to completely avoid the “first-pass effect” of oral supervision of CBD dose by using vaporization method. This is a more practical solution for CBD users.


If you are leaning towards making CBD vape, a part of your lifestyle, then you need to ensure that you have performed extensive research on the concentrate you wish to consume. Ensure that you ask for in-house as well as 3rd party test results from the selected source to get the best quality product.